Questions and AnswersCategory: QuestionsWhat Stores Can I Load My PayPal card?
Charlyy Dickens asked 2 months ago

Several retail stores accept PayPal for reloading, so you can use your card at any of them to make purchases. There are different ways to add money to your PayPal card for free. To do this, use your PayPal account to create a barcode on your mobile device, then present it to the cashier. If you want to use your PayPal card for online purchases, you can use the same method.
You can use a PayPal Cash card at participating 7-Eleven locations to make the most of your PayPal cash. The cashier will scan a barcode on your smartphone and deposit money into your PayPal account. Then, you have one hour to complete the transaction. Once completed, the transaction will be reflected in your PayPal account within fifteen minutes. However, you must be aware that your transaction may be lost if your phone dies or becomes unresponsive.

Answered by on June 22, 2022